Meet Kristin – Go to Girl

I met Mark at a newspaper where I worked nights as a graphic artist. The photo department was next to the art department. Photographers were constantly running around to assignments and processing photos on deadlines. It looked chaotic but exciting, especially compared to type setting. He laughed a lot, joked with the sports department and was always full of energy. After months of chit chat, and smiles, I ask if he would review my photography portfolio because I couldn’t get the courage up to just ask him on a date. The rest is history, we’ve been together for 16 years!

My sweet spot is in the wedding details. Everything from taking pictures of the little things you put thought into to helping a bride sew straps on her gown (not kidding). I come prepared and my camera belt is stocked with an arsenal of emergency goodies. I’m your go to girl.

I grew up in Maine, studied photography for my undergraduate degree in NC and then earned my MBA. I can’t cook oatmeal to save my life. I have a secret life as a competitive powerlifter (serious)! I’m the oldest sibling of three, all girls.

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