Meet Mark – Photo Boss

I’m a kid at heart, love PB&J and keeping things simple. I’m in my photography zone when shooting unscripted moments.

I’ve been a photojournalist at NH-based newspapers for more than 24 years. Freezing action and emotion in candid moments is my sweet spot. I earned my MFA to pursue college teaching. It is pretty awesome to get my students thinking about how a camera really works and learning to process film and photos in a real darkroom. I’ve published nationally and exhibited in galleries.

My wife caught my attention with her beautiful long hair and sweet smile. She is my best friend and keeps me grounded. I love spending time together as a family and especially doing things with our son. I have a passion (borderline obsession) for playing tennis. Literally count the days between court dates.

Our son votes my pancakes the best. I find reruns of The Three Stooges pretty hilarious and I probably stop at Aroma Joe’s Coffee drive ups far too often. I’m the oldest sibling of three, all boys.

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